Friday, November 2, 2007

The Mac gets hit with a virus

For years, nay decades, Mac users have claimed that it is poor security prone OS's like Windows that suffer security issues, with regular patching and virus protection needed, and comparatively, Mac's are much more secure. Windows users and people from Microsoft have always countered that Windows is the pre-dominant OS sold, and with the low percentage of Mac users, hackers have not really concentrated on the Mac.
For what seems to be the first time, a Trojan has been found that is made for the Mac and infects it. The Trojan is a file made to look like a video codec, but is instead a piece of malware that will infect the Mac.

The first-ever "fake codec" Trojan malware for the Apple Macintosh was identified yesterday by Intego, a maker of Internet security software for the Mac.
A fake codec pretends to be a free video codec -- often it's posted on a pornography site -- to fool victims into downloading it. It's not a video codec at all, however. Rather, it's a piece of malware intended to compromise the victim's machine. Although there are many Microsoft Windows-based fake-codec Trojans posted on porn Web sites today, Intego's find is thought to be the first Macintosh-based fake codec.

As the Mac grows more popular after the shift of the platform to the Intel chip, it is likely that now hackers will start to pay more attention to the Mac, and to find out security holes.